Let’s start understanding and analyze Starbucks customers on how they respond to various offers so that Starbucks can in return help their customers in a better way possible!

Starbucks is one of the largest and famous coffee brands in the world and it has at least one store down the street in the US! In the US alone, Starbucks managed to attract 18.9 million people and this number is growing steadily and worldwide it has 31,256 stores!!!So Starbucks…

Let’s try to unwind some questions about which day and time is guaranteeing us a cab based on the data collected from Kaggle!


For me personally, there were numerous occasions of not getting my cab or being cancelled and many reasons when I booked it from many services and I…

Kaushik Tummalapalli

Junior Machine Learning Engineer-Omdena | Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador-Beta | Exploring Data Science | Pythoneer | I’m curious about tech and Love chess|

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